Super Bowl 50: Thoughts On The Panthers, Broncos, Cam And Then Some


Peyton Manning and Von Miller brought Denver it’s third Super Bowl title in franchise history. (Photo: National Sun Times)

Week 8.

That was when my decision was made that the Denver Broncos had a defense we all needed to pay attention to.


2015 NFL Playoffs: NFC Championship All About The Run Game


Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Carson Palmer (4,671 yards, 35 TD’s, 104.6% Rating) left a lot to be desired in getting his first career playoff victory last week against the Green Bay Packers. Things don’t get easier against the Carolina Panthers this weekend, either. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

If you haven’t yet, check out my AFC Championship Game thoughts and prediction, here

Two points. One half.

That’s the reason I’m writing about the Carolina Panthers hosting the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. (more…)

Fantasy Football 2015: Thursday Night Football Audibles For Titans Vs. Jaguars


Marcus Mariota has shown flashes of great potential, but should be avoided tonight against Jacksonville. ((Photo: Bleacher Report)

My curiosity is piqued by one thing regarding tonight’s game.

How many will watch it?  (more…)

Fantasy Football 2015: Week 8 Waiver Targets, How I Survived Week 7 Byes, And Other Notes


Robert Woods caught nine passes for 84 yards and a touchdown on Sunday. Given the history of his receiving mates he’s a worthwhile stash.

Teams on Bye: Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars


I don’t know what it is about someone telling me “you’re going to lose” or pushing just the right button, but when they do it’s not going to be fun for those who say it.  (more…)

NCAA, Conference Commissioners “Solution” To “One And Done” Is A Joke

Jahlil Okafor is a standout meeting for Duke University and projected top-5 pick in this Summer's NBA Draft

Jahlil Okafor is a standout freshman basketball player for Duke University and a projected top-5 pick in this Summer’s NBA Draft. Future changes to NCAA policy could keep players like him in school for two years or more. 

Imagine having a skill set that allows you the opportunity to earn millions of dollars.

You’re one of the few people in the world who can do what you do and it is in incredibly high demand at a high cost. It doesn’t matter the field; it could be medicine, landscaping, plumbing, or pool cleaning. Just know that what you do, no one else can do it at the same level.

Now imagine being told you can’t do it professionally for two or even three years for “social” and “academic” reasons. (more…)

Locker Talk Episode 38: Super Bowl Preview Podcast

(Photo By: Otto Greule/Getty Images)

(Photo By: Otto Greule/Getty Images)


The Lady SportswriterKim Nash, joins me as co-host to preview tomorrow’s Super Bowl between the Seattle Sehawks and New England Patriots. Tune in as we discuss key matchups, and what each team needs to do to win the big game. Locker Talk is presented by The Locker

Fantasy Football 2014: Fantasy Football Quarterback Tiers Done My Way

Jekyll and Hyde?: Games 1-8: Stafford's numbers were 2,617 yards, 16 TD's, 6 INT's and a 94.7 rating. Games 9-16: 2,033 yards, 13 TD's, 13 INT's and a 72.1 rating

Jekyll and Hyde?: Stafford’s first-half numbers (2,617 yards, 16 TD’s, 6 INT’s and a 94.7 rating) didn’t resemble anything he did in the second-half ( 2,033 yards, 13 TD’s, 13 INT’s and a 72.1 rating)

The quarterback position is the most important position in fantasy football.

Go ahead and disagree. I say that without a hint of reservation or sarcasm. It doesn’t make sense to place the hopes of a well drafted team in the hands of someone who isn’t going to consistently give you the production you need from, what should be, the steadiest spot on your roster. (more…)

NBA Draft 2013 Hangover: My Ridiculously Early Who Hit And Missed Opinion

The Cleveland Cavaliers shocked everyone when they took UNLV forward Anthony Bennett number one overall

The Cleveland Cavaliers shocked everyone when they took UNLV forward Anthony Bennett number one overall

The 2013 NBA Draft may go down as the most confusing draft in quite some time. From the very first pick, when most experts had University of Kentucky center Nerlens Noel going number one, the entire draft was kicked off with surprises. (more…)

Locker Talk Episode 15! Five Figures, Five Questions


Co-host Baden Bagley and I ponder five figures from the past or present and ask them one question if we had the opportunity.

Locker Talk 11/30 by Locker Talk | Blog Talk Radio