Revival Revived

You wake up one day and you’re tired of it. Tired of the micro-management, tired of the “life” lessons, tired of paying your dues to someone who didn’t necessarily pay theirs. You wake up and you realize that corner office isn’t for you. That maybe, just maybe, you are destined for something slightly larger than taking it on the chin day after day from someone who probably wishes their life was better. You ever been yelled at for eight hours straight by people whose Old Navy debt is the equivalent of a second mortgage? I have. It sucks. You bite your tongue and say “everything is going to be alright.” When in all honesty you want to tell them to stop whining and pay your bills! Essentially I am here to do what i want to do and say what I want to say. All in the spirit of comedy. That means making you laugh so hard I’ll know what your embarrassing laugh sounds like. That means bringing you thought provoking material I never had the courage to bring you because I was under the impression I couldn’t say what I wanted to. That means bringing you into my head and my word and not allowing you to leave without fully knowing that I am sick of the micro-managing system and the lack of story telling a lot of comedians have decided to walk away from.

I walked outside to a beautiful day and spent eight hours of it inside a place I didn’t want to be. That is my current reality. But, I’ve come up with a great analogy for doing that five or six days a week. Ready? Go outside and ask a teenager to kick you in the sweet spot over and over again. Yep, that is entering a job you hate every day. I don’t know why some of us have convinced ourselves that we should just roll over and die a metaphorical death to earn what we consider a great salary by the standards of a now defunct middle-class. I was blessed to be born with (and obtain along the way) a host of talents that now I’ve decided it is time to put to use in a more productive way. So I welcome all who plan to join me on this journey to freedom. Not freedom in the financial sense, or freedom that inspires war paint and swords; but freedom that truly matters. Freedom that allows you to sleep at night and not dread waking up in the morning because you can’t look at yourself. These are my thoughts, my words, and my outlet. This is my Comedic Revival.

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