I was listening to Seth Meyers a few weeks ago and he was talking about his writing process. He spoke of the insane amount of focus it takes to write and deliver jokes. I tend to agree with him on this. This process for “Comedic Revival” right now is a mixture of thoughts, jokes, music, and things that are happening in my life. Giving an in depth look at how things are done in my head from thought to final product. A lot of my problem used to come from focus. I used to apply it to things that didn’t interest me or sounded good. Sometimes I wouldn’t focus and found it easy to just tune out and let my mind wander. Then I woke up and realized that wasn’t any way to live. Every one of us has an ability to do whatever it is we want to do. I truly believe that. If you want to create something that you believe in and have always loved, there’s no reason not to put everything you have into it. I genuinely enjoy the process of creating something and hoping I connect with people. I hope that they connect with me in a way they never were able to. In this case, the process of writing jokes and hoping they’re good for everyone else is something I’ve stopped trying to do. I fell into a trap of trying to please everyone else. Trying to make sure I don’t offend or hurt any feelings. It is never my intention to do either of those things. At the same time, a lot of what I was thinking was lost because I was too concerned about how someone would react. Which is why for some time I didn’t focus on stand-up. I turned my back on it because I found the whole process of trying not to offend too much. Now I focus on jokes like I used to, and I’m not afraid of trying new things anymore. I’ve also lost that fear of voicing an opinion in my jokes because why shouldn’t I? Just a quick thought. More to come of course. 

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