BYU Should Focus On Winning

“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely the one who dropped it.” — Lou Holtz

There aren’t many times when I agree with Lou Holtz, but this seems to be one of those rare occasions. I’ve had an issue with a lot of the college football realignment going on recently. I’ll admit I’m one for tradition and seeing Missouri and Texas A&M in the Southeastern conference SEC makes me a little uneasy. Not to mention the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and their raid of the Big East. One team has bothered me throughout this whole process because while some may gripe about Boise State hollering and screaming for a chance they (along with TCU, Houston, Hawaii in 2008, and Utah) have done something that this particular program hasn’t.


I point to BYU because they seem to have an issue with the “system” the way it is. So much so they have gone independent and very soon could look to form a Big East division out West in order to get a piece of the BCS pie. The only problem is they haven’t earned it.

BYU does have some very nice wins but those are usually followed up by some very confusing losses. Lets count them:

  • Air Force and Utah State in 2010
  • Allowing 54 to Florida State in 2009
  • Arizona and TCU in 2008
  • Tulsa in 2007

 When you look at teams like Boise State, Utah, TCU and the rest who have crashed the BCS party they all have something in common. They took care of business when they needed to and for that were rewarded with BCS credentials.

*I would also like to mention each of them have won a BCS bowl and a few have done it twice.

The Cougars seem to be running from something and it could be their own lack of accomplishment. Since the 2001 season, when Luke Staley made this team a national sensation they have yet to crack the BCS while conference mates TCU, Utah and Boise State have all gone more than once. If BYU has a problem with anything it should be their own inability to get it done when it counts. So While beating Oklahoma is nice I’m left to ask who hasn’t beaten Oklahoma. Utah, in a year when they moved to the Pac-12 and realized how hard it is to play that kind of football every week, found solace in the fact that they could come back to the Mountain West and throw up 54 points on the cougars in Provo. 

I have no problem with BYU. I have a problem with running from reality. BYU’s focus should be on winning games and nothing else. After accomplishing this then see where the ball lies. 

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