NBA Musings

This past week I found myself pretty closely watching the NBA. Blame it on the amount of bad bowl games up to this point or my reluctance to give into “Tebowmania” but the exciting games that have taken place so far have left me with a few thoughts:

1. Derrick Rose is the most exciting player for me to watch. I grew up during the era of Michael Jordan so it is exciting and a little bit nostalgic to see the United Center packed night after night. I recently told someone that I ranked rose the second best point guard in the NBA behind the Clippers Chris Paul. With Rose led teams a perfect (5-0) against Paul and his most recent performance of 29 points and 16 assists I may have to apologize for that opinion soon.

2. Dallas owner Mark Cuban should be concerned because his squad looks bad. I’m talking Clippers before Chris Paul bad. It’s easy to overlook and chalk it up to lockout rust or new personnel learning the system, but I think what we are seeing is an aging team missing Tyson Chandler more than they lead on. Dirk and company better get it together quick because a much improved Western Conference is likely to pull away quick.

3. Don’t kill the messenger for not being sold on the Heat. Most people see a team that is undefeated. I see one that needed Norris Cole to bail them out against a Celtics team without Paul Pierce and bailout performances to beat Minnesota and Charlotte. Looks can be very deceiving, and Lebron still hasn’t shown he’s ready to take over when it counts. Norris Cole received the first “MVP” chant of the season from the home crowd as he deferred to the rookie.

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