Things I Took Away From The Weekend That Was In College Football

College footballs National Champion was crowned meaning the real fun begins for programs across the country (recruiting!). Here is a look back and a few thoughts from the weekend (week) that was in college football.

  1. Alabama is the no-doubt-about-it best team in the country: What I witnessed last night was a demolition. Nick Saban put together a game plan that not only beat LSU, but broke down every facet of their game and made it look as though the number one team in the country didn’t belong. I joked with a friend of mine that people on Twitter were talking about LSU like you would an Ole Miss. Think about the numbers: one penalty, two third down conversions allowed, and almost four times the yardage (384-92). 92 yards of total offense for the Tigers. unreal performance. Was it the shootout that most in the ESPN era want? No. but if you appreciate great defense (and trust me it wins championships) then this was something to behold from Alabama last night.
  2. No one was beating either of these teams last night: I’ve seen Mike Gundy changing his tune a bit about playing for the national title. he went from saying they were the most deserving teams to play for it to saying I think we could have scored on them. Okay that is fair, maybe Oklahoma State could have scored on them. But notice he didn’t say “I think we could have beat Alabama” only “we could have put up “some” points against them. That’s how good these teams are. The challenge is no longer “could we beat them” but “can we score on them.” Folks, fans talk like that. I used to always wonder “could I score a point on Roger Federer?” Maybe, but as an athlete at the highest level is it more important to get there and have your kicks with a score or win the whole thing? Would fans have been happier seeing LSU or Alabama play someone else and made the game look easy? I promise you this: Stanford, Oklahoma State, Oregon, West Virginia, Georgia Southern, Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis Rams it doesn’t matter. Last night the two best teams in the country played for the title and the winner put on a show. Plus one’s and playoffs are fun for argument sake, but realistically if you look back at the last seven years the SEC has won who has a legitimate gripe that the deserving team from that conference didn’t earn it? If you do, let me know. I am ready with stats in hand. Which brings me to my next point…
  3. Does anyone have a legitimate shot at stopping the SEC in 2012-2013: I know a guy right now that if he is reading this his grin is more of an ear-to-ear smile. One of my dark horse picks for the national title next year is USC. They have everything you need to keep up with the big boys down South. They have a defense that is just as strong and just as fast. They have an offense that can compliment that defense and keep the opposing team off the field for a while. Matt Barkley had a stretch at the end of last season against Oregon, Stanford, Washington, Colorado and UCLA where he threw for 20 touchdowns and just three interceptions. He’s good and only going to be better. Outside of USC I can see an improved Oregon team as well as West Virginia if they continue their ascent. Outside of those teams you will be hard pressed to find a program that can take on anyone from dixie.

It really was a fun season. As always it was full of debates, great plays and cool moments. Of course college football (like any sport) never really ends but I will say I can’t wait until kickoff next August. 

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