The Pittsburgh Pirates Would Do Well Avoiding Burnett Trade

Three years ago I made a plea to the Pittsburgh Pirates not to blow up the team they were building. Needless to say they didn’t listen to me and went in a direction that is somewhat admirable. They’ve cultivated quite the farm system in Pittsburgh, and with the selection of Gerritt Cole have begun the groundwork of building their rotation. So imagine my surprise when of all the rumors in the world I could have heard coming out of the Pirates organization that one of them could be A.J. Burnett joining their rotation.

For the love of everything that is Willie Stargell don’t make this deal.

I don’t care if the money the Yankees are willing to pick up sounds good. There is a reason the Yankees are trying to dump this player and it is because statistically he isn’t the pitcher you think you’re getting. That guy stayed in Toronto.

My main reasoning for not wanting Pittsburgh to make a financial investment of close to $23 million dollars on a pitcher who has gone (34-35) with an earned run average (4.79) closer to that of a first-year pitcher who got waxed in 3-of-4 starts than someone who has been in the league for 13 years. No, my reasoning is that kind of investment could be spent next winter in free agency, when pitchers such as Matt Cain, Zach Greinke, Cole Hamels, and Dan Haren are available. Yes it is possible they sign somewhere else. But do you want to risk $23 million on one of those guys, or a guy who is only ten games over (.500) for his career and staring at the wrong side of 30? I want to make this respectfully clear:  The Pittsburgh Pirates will not be in the playoffs in 2012. Don’t ruin future legitimate chances by latching onto Burnett financially through 2013 when I feel they do have a shot at the playoffs in that division and expanded postseason on the horizon.

Even if they decide to go the development route with their rotation it would be okay. The free agent list for hitters in 2013 reads like something out of All-Star weekend. Ethier, Cano, Bourne, Victorino, Hamilton, you name it you could bid on them.I love the direction Pittsburgh has gone in with their farm system which is now 12th in the majors.

Why would you wanna go mess that up by adding another Matt Morris to your rotation?

I’m pleading with you mr. Huntington. By making this move you’re investing valuable small market dollars on a man with a declining fastball and a career ERA over four.

Don’t be that guy.

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