Brady Quinn Opens Can Of Worms With GQ Article

We all thought it. Some of us who don’t play professionally have said it out loud. But Brady Quinn, the “superstar” career backup quarterback of the Denver Broncos, decided he was going to break professional protocol and weigh in on what he thought was a “lucky” run by Tim Tebow and the Broncos this past season

Keep in mind, up to this point the most action we have seen out of Brady Quinn since his days at Notre Dame are for those EAS commercials, and even those are up for critique. I am not the biggest Tim Tebow fan in the world but I am also not a fan of throwing my teammate under the bus to get my name back in the headlines. Truth of the matter is Brady Quinn has been a forgotten man since he entered the league with Cleveland and this is clearly a cry for some form of attention.

While not as egregious as what Terrell Owens did to the likes of Jeff Garcia or what Terrell Owens did to Donovan McNabb after the Super Bowl (is it any wonder this guy doesn’t have an NFL job?), you have to wonder how teammates and future teammates are going to look at him from this moment going forward.

Truthfully, I don’t know what it was that propelled the Broncos from also-rans to division champions this year. Maybe it was Tim Tebow helping elevate the play of his team. It could have been that Broncos defense that really put it together the second half of the season. What I do know is Brady Quinn has no business airing out his or other teammates frustrations in a magazine or publication. Especially considering they’re coming off a season in which they won the division title.

When you look at the big picture, Quinn was in Denver before Tebow arrived and couldn’t beat out Kyle Orton. He was never a serious contender for the starting job after drafting Tebow either. All things considered you have to wonder what kind of talent Quinn has to have if he couldn’t beat out Orton or Tebow for a job he feels is his.

It seems with most of the athletes I hear running off at the mouth they have more to prove on the field than the ones you don’t hear from. Quinn, who is probably on his last leg as a viable starting candidate in the national football league, needs to pick his battles. Now instead of going into camp and flat out beating Tebow for the job he’s staring at being let go and continuing his quest into the journeyman’s abyss.

I guess his workout wasn’t the only thing done in that commercial.

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