Washington Redskins Should Take A Long Look At Russell Wilson

I have a question for you before you enter that war room Coach Shanahan.

Please, just hear me out.

I understand you’re heavily considering trading up to get the number two pick in the draft but I just wanted to run something by you before you make anymore mistakes with this franchise. 

You see, this is a critical off-season in Washington because the Redskins, yes the Washington Redskins, have a chance to take a huge step forward next season if they don’t, for lack of the better phrase, go about business as usual. To be fair, someone in that organization sees the light. They have a very good group of young players, particularly on defense, in Brian Orakpo, LaRon Landry, London Fletcher and others. I think it is time you paid close attention to the offense because you need quite a bit.

I want to, of course, start with the quarterback because there is no questions the law firm of Grossman and Beck won’t cut it for you on Sundays. Let me show you a comparison first:

Quarterback A:  11,720 Yards, 109 Touchdowns, 1421 Rushing Yards, 23 Rushing Touchdowns, 60.9 Completion%

Quarterback B: (two years) 7,794 Rushing Yards, 59 touchdowns, 1,334 Rushing Yards, 18 Rushing Touchdowns, 69.5 Completion%

I know what you’re thinking coach. You’re thinking over the course of four years Quarterback “B” would blow “A’s” numbers out of the water. I’ll give you that victory.

Look closer.

Quarterback “A” is former Wisconson Badger by way of N.C. State Wolfpack quarterback Russell Wilson. He has shown consistent, high level play across BCS conferences and even made the Wolfpack relevant for the first time in a very long time. In fact when looking at Wilson’s numbers against the top teams in both conferences over the four years you will see where his worth is. He’s as accurate as they come and although slight in height, I liken him to a slightly more athletic Drew Brees.

The guy is a winner, and while he didn’t achieve BCS glory, he was able to take two programs to great heights. His work in Raleigh was legendary, and as a former resident of the city, I couldn’t go anywhere between the months of July and January without hearing of the Saturday football exploits of Russell Wilson. I just had to be careful not to mention his name in Chapel Hill.

Quarterback “B” is the uber-talented Robert Griffin III. While his selection wouldn’t be a bad one, I believe the smarter play is to try and build your team as much as possible through the draft and those picks you would give up are critical. Especially considering Wilson will be available for the taking later in the draft.

That being said I hope coach Shanahan and Dan Snyder realize the enormity of this situation. You have a chance to change the culture in DC for the better.

Don’t drop the ball.

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