Kangaroo Court: Josh Beckett Needs A Reality Check

(Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

So coming back to the blog and perusing the different channels for stories I happened upon a little rift out of Boston (nothing new there). 

Now my displeasure with the attitude up in Boston is no secret, I’ve been a very vocal critic about the lack of respect they have for change. Then I see Josh Beckett, Boston’s “ace,” has decided he has forgotten what happens when a high-profile athlete goes and does something in public that might not be seen in the best light.

A quick run down: pitcher hurts his lat muscle, misses a start, has an off-day, plays golf during said off-day (which requires the injury in question) and then blows off the media by simply stating what he does on his off day is his business.

His argument is correct. What Josh Beckett does on his day off is his own business. That being said, why did he get so upset at the line of questioning from the media? Why was he upset by the fans displeasure with their “ace” playing golf on an injury that caused him to miss a start? His performance last Thursday certainly didn’t do much to deter the firestorm as he lasted just 2.1 innings giving up seven runs (all earned), on five home runs and just three strike outs.

My issue isn’t with the Red Sox as an organization or the seemingly easy scapegoat Bobby Valentine. It would be easy to just pin this all on Valentine; but I refuse to give up so easily on a man who took the New York Mets to the World Series with Benny Agbayani as his left fielder. What I’m looking at are a group of players who have decided that following is better than leading.

As for Josh Beckett, I can’t understand the mindset of a man who has taken such a lackadaisical attitude towards the situation in Boston. Especially considering he’s as much to blame for the situation as anyone. As not only the “ace” of this staff he needs to take over the leadership mantle vacated by the now retired Jason Varitek (note: how huge is that now?). Dragging Clay Buchholz, who despite his record has been rather pedestrian and injury prone since his breakout 2010, to the golf course with you isn’t the sign of someone who is looking to turn it around.

So the beat goes on in Boston, and until it changes I will remain steady in my assessment that the Red Sox, with all their talent, are not a playoff team. At this point, they ought to be ashamed of their behavior. Among other things.


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