S2, Ep. 2: Greg Howard, David Carr Fellow, The New York Times Magazine


In April of 2015 Greg Howard (who was writing for Deadspin at the time) wrote a piece revealing the issues surrounding ESPN’s then-yet-to-be-launched sports, race, and culture website, The Undefeated. Writing it took a lot of courage considering what was at stake (a chance to write for an ESPN funded site, a relationship with a well-known sportswriter – Jason Whitlock). Greg did write it, and since then has become a David Carr Fellow for the New York Times and continued to exhibit the fearlessness that has seen him produce incredible work for The New York Times Magazine.

In today’s episode, Greg and I discuss his upbringing in Bowie, Maryland/Prince George’s County and how that shaped him and his love of writing. We also discuss his challenges after receiving his Master’s degree from NYU; How Dallas opened his eyes to life outside of the Capital Beltway and New York; Jason Whitlock, The Undefeated, and Sage Steele; racial issues in America; His current life as a David Carr Fellow for The New York Times; and much, much more.

Greg Howard can be found on Twitter @greghoward88. Greg’s writing covering sports, race, culture, and media can be found in The New York Times magazine section as well as previously on Deadspin.com. Be sure to subscribe to the Because of Sports Podcast on iTunes and leave a rating or a review. The Because of Sports Podcast can also be found on Stitcher. Follow the show and its host on Instagram (@adamcubbage) or Twitter (@dacubbage). (Run Time: 68 minutes)


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