S2, Ep. 17: Taylor Rooks, Sportsnet New York Anchor/Host of Timeout With Taylor Rooks


One of my favorite things about Taylor Rooks (besides the obvious talent for what she does) was the sheer joy and enthusiasm she brings to it. She also has the courage in the media to speak out on things that matter. And that is something I always appreciate.

Did I mention she’s also from the great state of Georgia?

In the season two finale,  Taylor and I discuss her career, her podcast Timeout with Taylor Rooks, reporting in the toughest sports market in the world, speaking up on social issues, our mutual Falcons fandom, and a special “Final Two” to close out this season.

You can follow Taylor on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @TaylorRooks. You can also find her on Sportsnet New York (SNY) and be sure to subscribe and listen to her fantastic podcast Timeout with Taylor Rooks on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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