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African-American participation in baseball, at any level, is a deeply personal subject for me. Growing up, I was usually the only black player on the team. I had great teammates, but I always wondered why more blacks didn’t play America’s Pastime; I also wonder, as the percentage continues to decline, whether or not anything can be done to reverse the trend. (more…)

MLB Continues To Get Marketing Of The Sport Wrong, Show Hypocrisy In HOF Voting

Bud Selig's legacy rests on how he handles the growing PED scandal

Bud Selig’s legacy as commissioner rests on how he handles the growing PED scandal

This past weekend the Major League Baseball inducted three new members to its Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York: Jacob Ruppert, Deacon White, and Hank O’Day. Now we’re not going to take the time to discredit the contributions of these three men to the sport, but I will take this time to point out baseball’s continued hypocrisy in regards to the steroid era, its reluctance to fix the voting process, and another lost opportunity to take air-time from an NFL juggernaut that just began playing football in shorts (training camps) this past week.  (more…)