MLB Spring Training 2012: Mets Dealt Potential Blow With David Wright Injury; Byrdak Needs Surgery

It seems David Wright and the New York Mets can’t catch a break. 

The 29-year old five-time All-Star was sent to New York to receive treatment on an injured rib cage Sunday, which isn’t welcome news for a New York Mets team or its fans that are starting to get used to the unwelcome.

Wright, who is one of the two remaining players on a team that was a game away from the World Series in 2006, has seen his numbers decline in the last few years and has been the subject of trade rumors. With the Mets front office still sifting through the rubble that is the Bernie Madoff “Ponzi ” scheme it would have been nice for this team to have a relatively smooth transition into the regular season.

Wright, in the final guaranteed year of a contract worth $55-million dollars, is looking to bounce back after a 2011 season that saw his number hit tallies he hasn’t seen since his rookie season in 2004. Some attributed Wright’s numbers to the new Citi Field and its expansive dimensions. It could be seen in his splits from Shea Stadium to Citi Field that the sheer size of it could be sapping some of Wright’s power and causing him to press a bit at home (Shea-70 HR’s, .318 BA in five years/Citi-22 HR’s, .279 BA in three years) At any rate, Wright needs to discover his power stroke and stay on the field for the Mets to have any chance at respectability in a National League East that is swiftly passing them by.

While the Wright injury is being treated with cortisone shots for now, here’s hoping that Tim Byrdak can complete successful rehab and get back to the field in six weeks.

Byrdak, 38, will undergo surgery to repair torn meniscus cartilage in his left knee. Byrdak is expected to be one of many veteran members in a bullpen that is questionable before his loss.

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