Spring Training

Major League Baseball Preview: American League Central

Chris Sale (11-14, 3.07 ERA, 226 K’s, 1.073 WHIP) is leading the youth movement on the Southside of Chicago

In the American League Central one thing is clear: you’re only as good as the sum of your parts, and the Detroit Tigers are as good as anyone in baseball. Their lineup features the best hitter in baseball (Miguel Cabrera), the last two American League Cy Young award winners (Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer), and the last three American League MVP award winners (Justin Verlander (2011), Cabrera (2012 and 2013). They traded for Ian Kinsler, get Victor Martinez for another full season, and their bullpen now features Joe Nathan who has 80 saves in 86 opportunities (93%) the last two years. They are the only team in this division who boast those kinds of parts all around. 


Major League Baseball 2014: New York Mets In The Midst Of An Impressive Rebuild

David Wright thinks the Mets can win 90 games in 2014

David Wright thinks the Mets can win 90 games in 2014. Sandy Alderson’s moves have put them closer. 

I am going to admit this early so you don’t accuse me of forgetting: I’ve been a regular at the “Everyone Dump On The Mets” table for some time now. (more…)

Major League Baseball 2013 Preview: Top-5 Rookies In Baseball

  1. Wil Meyers was traded to Tampa Bay for James Shields and others in the offseason

    Wil Meyers was traded to Tampa Bay for James Shields and others in the offseason

    Wil Meyers, Tampa Bay Rays, 2012 Minors: 37 home runs, .314 BA, 109 RBI’s, .387 OBP; Analysis: (more…)

Ranking Major League Baseball’s Offseason Part, 1: Who Lost

Three-years, $25 million for Jeremy Guthrie is just one of Dayton Moore's missteps

Three-years, $25 million for Jeremy Guthrie is just one of Dayton Moore’s missteps

Today is the start of the new season, folks. Pitchers and catchers (and some positional players) have reported and baseball is back. That said, we will turn the hot stove off and review what we have in this two-part post of “who won, who lost” beginning with the winter losers. Here are the top-3 teams who could have (and should have) done more this offseason.  (more…)

MLB 2012 Predictions: National League Landscape Shaped By Young Talent

In the National League, I don’t think the phrase “Senior Circuit” is as applicable as it once was.

Sure, there are no designated hitters, stadiums are generally larger and more accommodating to pitchers, the double-switch is as common as a Wrigley Field seventh inning stretch sung to “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” and yes the league  does have Jamie Moyer.

Jokes aside, even with the exodus of Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder to the American League, the talent is as young and hungry as ever. (more…)

MLB 2012 Preview: Baltimore Orioles Searching For An Identity

“It’s just throwing and catching and hitting and running. What’s simpler then that?” -Paul Richards, Baltimore Orioles Manager (1955-1961)

In the Beltway (Washington D.C./Baltimore etc.) area, baseball means lot more than people may realize.

The  capital didn’t get a baseball team because of a hunch by the league when the Expos were searching for a new home. They got a team because someone recognized the untapped potential of that market. A market left dormant, since 1997 by a franchise that once epitomized how things were done in baseball. (more…)

MLB 2012 Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers’ Fortunes Changing In A Big Way

In middle school, I read a book written by Orel Hershiser called Out Of The Blue. In it described a pitcher who, in 1988 and at top of the pitching world, was able to put together one of the finest seasons in recent baseball memory because he knew the importance of a regimen, focus, and not worrying about the outside influences that don’t involve the game of baseball.

In 2012, the Los Angeles Dodgers look to put some of the lessons from that book into play.  (more…)

MLB Preview 2012: Kansas City Royals Are Close, But Lack Pitching To Make Run In ’12

In Kansas City, you could say they’ve experienced something of a rough patch.

By the numbers, here is what the Kansas City Royals have looked like since 1985: (more…)