2012 MLB Fantasy Baseball: Dustin Pedroia Or Ian Kinsler? A Case For Both But Who Should Get Your Pick?

Second base is a position that, if selected correctly, can give you a leg up on the competition. 

Before, second base was considered a place for your “dirt guys.” The hustle guys, the ones with so much heart and effort they almost make the character of your team. While the spirit of the second basement hasn’t changed, the production sure has.

Dustin Pedroia  and Ian Kinsler are two guys who fit this mold. They also fit everything you need in a second basemen as a league manager.

Cano comes into this season as the number one second basemen in baseball. Pedroia is nestled in at number two but should he be? You can ill afford to make a mistake when choosing so lets look at both.

Dustin Pedroia by the numbers:

  • 21 Home Runs
  • 91 RBI
  • .307 Batting Average

Analysis: Pedroia has everything you need for elite production when looking at his on the surface. A closer look tells us more of the same. His OBP of .387 ranked him in the top-10 of the American League, while his OPS (.861) places him among the games best in that category. Not only does his production at the plate make him elite, but he adds value while on the bases. He stole 26 bases last season and scored over 100 runs for the third time in the last four seasons.

Ian Kinsler by the numbers:

  • 32 Home Runs
  • 72 RBI
  • .255 Batting Average
Analysis: Kinsler, who also put up numbers that would place you above the rest at the position, bounced back nicely from a 2010 that saw him battle injuries. His OBP and OPS were both lower than Pedroia’s (.355 and .832), although he did score more runs (121) and steal more bases (30). His average and RBI totals were both behind Pedroia’s and that’s after playing more games (155) in a season than any other in his career.
 Conclusion: Dustin Pedroia; Like all stats, I like to look at their body of work. Pedroia has shown a penchant for hitting more (averaging 169 hits per season to Kinsler’s 141), hitting for more total bases (256 to 243 average) and you can’t overlook the fact that Pedroia is going to give you more in the average/OBP/OPS department than Kinsler (.305/.373/.837 to .275/.355/.832). Those numbers make a difference in production for your fantasy team because it shows Pedroia is producing more opportunities to add value in other categories than Kinsler. Thirty-plus home runs are a nice statistic, but if you want a second basemen that makes your team as a whole better, Dustin Pedroia is your man.

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