Major League Baseball Preview: American League Central

Chris Sale (11-14, 3.07 ERA, 226 K’s, 1.073 WHIP) is leading the youth movement on the Southside of Chicago

In the American League Central one thing is clear: you’re only as good as the sum of your parts, and the Detroit Tigers are as good as anyone in baseball. Their lineup features the best hitter in baseball (Miguel Cabrera), the last two American League Cy Young award winners (Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer), and the last three American League MVP award winners (Justin Verlander (2011), Cabrera (2012 and 2013). They traded for Ian Kinsler, get Victor Martinez for another full season, and their bullpen now features Joe Nathan who has 80 saves in 86 opportunities (93%) the last two years. They are the only team in this division who boast those kinds of parts all around. 


Major League Baseball 2014: These Pitchers Are Poised For A Breakout In 2014

Andrew Cashner (1.131 WHIP, 3.09 ERA) is an Ace in every sense of the word

Andrew Cashner (1.131 WHIP, 3.09 ERA) is an Ace in every sense of the word

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting out quite a few lists before my divisional breakdowns and team reports. 

The definition of a “breakout performance” can vary from person-to-person but the general idea is always the same: that player who takes the next step from potential star to household name. (more…)

Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers Gave Us The Super Bowl We Wanted

"Good game, Jim. Same time next year?"

“Good game, Jim. Same time next year?”

I’m not going to get all sentimental on you and say how great it was to see Ray Lewis cap his Hall of Fame career with a Super Bowl victory. It was a great moment, I admire the guy for what he does on the field wand leaving the judgement part to those who are supposed to do it. (more…)

Major League Baseball 2012: Stop Discrediting Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown Greatness And Recognize He Is The AL MVP

It isn’t often I am legitimately confused by a columnist or writers point of view.  (more…)