S2, Ep. 11: Cian Fahey, Pre-Snap Reads, ESPN


One of my favorite things to do as a kid was study the way players in the NFL and college played the Quarterback position. I found the nuances of the position not only to be one of the most challenging in all of sports, but, when done correctly, one of the most amazing feats. Cian Fahey has been doing NFL analysis for some time and has developed metrics to measure the Quarterback position. His common-sense approach to NFL analysis made me a fan of him instantly, and it’s easy to see why we will soon hear him on ESPN this fall delivering that analysis to an even greater audience.  (more…)

Major League Baseball 2012: Stop Discrediting Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown Greatness And Recognize He Is The AL MVP

It isn’t often I am legitimately confused by a columnist or writers point of view.  (more…)

Quick history lesson: I have a sports information internship at Washington & Lee University and as I was walking around to the office I noticed this awesome basketball court. I asked the director of the department about it and it used to be the primary court for the university. He was saying some of the greats in the game played on this very court including Jerry West while he was at West Virginia University. Washington & Lee left the conference after the 1958 season. Pay attention because history could be anywhere.