Major League Baseball 2012: Stop Discrediting Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown Greatness And Recognize He Is The AL MVP

It isn’t often I am legitimately confused by a columnist or writers point of view.  (more…)

MLB 2012 Predictions: American League Division Races Will Come Down To Pitching

In the American League, things aren’t always what they seem.

Last season, the Boston Red Sox spent over a quarter of a billion dollars reloading their lineup for what they thought was a World Series run. Many (this writer included) picked them to win their division, their league, and the World Series.

Like most who made this knee-jerk reaction, many still brought up the fact that their pitching wasn’t as dominant past Jon Lester as it could have been, and while no one could have predicted their epic meltdown, many saw their pitching as something to be concerned about and proved prophetic. (more…)