S3, EP. 1: Jessica Kleinschmidt, MLB.com and Cut4


The Because of Sports Podcast is back! Jessica Kleinschmidt of MLB.com and affiliate site, Cut4, joins host Adam Cubbage to discuss the 2018 Major League Baseball season, her role with MLB.com and Cut4, staying true to yourself, and Joey Votto’s chances of winning a medal in Olympic Curling. (more…)

Major League Baseball 2013: Bobby Bonilla Logic And How It Encompasses A Decade (And More) Of New York Mets Misery

Bobby Bonilla is the second highest paid Mets Outfielder in 2013

Bobby Bonilla is the second highest paid Mets Outfielder in 2013

$5.9 million dollars.

To me, that sum of money would change lots of things. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t think I was done working or anything, but I will say it would make a lot of things a tad easier. (more…)

Major League Baseball Offseason 2012: Allow Me To Be That Cold Shower To The Toronto Blue Jays Plans

This guy and his buddies won’t be enough. Sorry, Toronto

Enough with the spin, I know a fourth place team when I see one. (more…)

MLB 2012 Predictions: American League Division Races Will Come Down To Pitching

In the American League, things aren’t always what they seem.

Last season, the Boston Red Sox spent over a quarter of a billion dollars reloading their lineup for what they thought was a World Series run. Many (this writer included) picked them to win their division, their league, and the World Series.

Like most who made this knee-jerk reaction, many still brought up the fact that their pitching wasn’t as dominant past Jon Lester as it could have been, and while no one could have predicted their epic meltdown, many saw their pitching as something to be concerned about and proved prophetic. (more…)

MLB 2012 Season Preview: Top-5 Salaries To Regret In 2012

Economics in baseball has always been a hot button topic among fans and non-fans of baseball.

Disclaimer: I decided to take it easy on the guy pictured above and not list him! (more…)