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Major League Baseball 2014 Preview: National League East

Jason Heyward seems to have found his comfort zone in the leadoff spot, from which he hit .322 with 6 HR, 16 RBI's and a .403 OBP.

Jason Heyward seems to have found his comfort zone in the leadoff spot; from which he hit .322 with 6 HR, 16 RBI’s and a .403 OBP.

In the National League East things are getting tight in a hurry.

Last season, everyone (myself included) picked the Washington Nationals to run away with this division. Could you blame me? They had a bullpen, a deep lineup, a strong rotation, and the manager to lead them. They were also coming off a season in which they had already won the division, so forgive me for picking the favorites.

But boy did I struggle again this year. (more…)

Major League Baseball 2014: New York Mets In The Midst Of An Impressive Rebuild

David Wright thinks the Mets can win 90 games in 2014

David Wright thinks the Mets can win 90 games in 2014. Sandy Alderson’s moves have put them closer. 

I am going to admit this early so you don’t accuse me of forgetting: I’ve been a regular at the “Everyone Dump On The Mets” table for some time now. (more…)

Atlanta Braves New Stadium Announcement Says More About Fulton County Than Braves

The Atlanta Braves announced new stadium plans for 2017. An area mourns, Cobb County rejoices.

The Atlanta Braves announced new stadium plans for 2017. An area mourns, Cobb County rejoices.

This move isn’t about the Braves as much as it is about Mayor Reed and Fulton County.  (more…)

Major League Baseball Offseason 2012: Next Weeks Winter Meetings Should Lay Groundwork For Free Agent Market, Produce Trades

B.J. Upton and Justin Upton are two marquee names available this offseason (J. Meric/Getty Images North America)

As far as the hot stove season in baseball goes, the first few days in December are when things really get going.

Now for those of you who didn’t understand anything I said in the first line welcome to baseball “nerd jargon” 101. For those who know exactly what I’m talking about you’re looking for a tidbit, a nugget, a gem, or a something indicating what your favorite team will and will not do.  (more…)

Major League Baseball Power Rankings Week 2 (4/16/2012)

Last week’s power rankings saw some interesting names in places we didn’t expect.But  have no fear baseball “experts” (myself included), as the season is kicking into high gear some of the ball clubs we thought would heat up (I see you Braves, Yankees and Diamondbacks) are moving along. Some, on the other hand, are going in the direction we envisioned even before opening day (sorry Orioles, Mariners and Astros). Surprises still remain, however. With that we get right to it! (more…)

Baseball Winter Meetings Provide Opportunity for Some Teams

The winter meetings in Dallas, Texas for Major League Baseball kicked off with a bang on Monday with the announcement of Jose Reyes signing with the Miami Marlins (more on that later). This was just one of the many major chips expected to fall this week. Here are the three major themes to keep an eye on during the meetings in Dallas:

Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder signings: They are the marquee free-agents of this years class and no doubt the most expensive. But the team that lands either will take their offense and ball clubs to a whole new level. With Pujols, 31, it isn’t certain what he is looking for as far as contract demands. But he turned down the Cardinals offer the first time in February and you have to wonder if he was just trying to make sure they would be contenders for the duration of his career (which this contract would take him to the end of). The World Series the Cardinals won in 2011 wouldn’t have been possible without him and teams like the Marlins, Cubs, and Rangers must have taken notice as they are the top bidders, potentially, for his services.

Prince Fielder is just as important to the Brewers as Pujols is to the Cardinals. The overwhelming opinion throughout baseball is that he won’t be back in Milwaukee in 2012. Meaning the rumblings of the Mariners, Dodgers and Rangers could be more than just rumblings. He’s 27, coming off of a season in which he helped lead the Brewers to the division title, and most general managers would agree that his youth mixed with his team mentality are the right mix to propel a team on the cusp into annual playoff contention. 

Trades, Signings, and More Trades: The Red Sox and Braves had monumental collapses. The Yankees and Phillies were unceremoniously bounced without a whimper in the first round. All four of them are in the dangerous position of knowing they’re better than that while not wanting to give up or spend too much. Let the talks begin! Now these aren’t the only four who are looking to make a move via trades (Jurrjens, Prado, and Lawrie have come up in trade discussion), or an impact signing (recently reported that Philadelphia is looking into Aramis Ramirez at third base) but they will be the most active. Especially in lieu of the Jose Reyes signing to the Miami Marlins. Look for New York to address their pitching concerns if not by C.J. Wilson then a pitcher like Jurrjens. Boston meanwhile is in the position of damage control as they look to re-sign Ortiz in hopes of solidifying that line-up and hammering out a possible deal for a pitcher (which is where Boston’s glaring deficiency is). 

Collective Bargaining Agreement: While this may not seem as big an issue, with more teams focusing on building their teams through their farm systems the way draft compensation is divvied based on signings will be a factor in the way teams do business. 

It will be an exciting week as the winter meetings should bring some off-season action down in Dallas.