Major League Baseball Power Rankings Week 2 (4/16/2012)

Last week’s power rankings saw some interesting names in places we didn’t expect.But ¬†have no fear baseball “experts” (myself included), as the season is kicking into high gear some of the ball clubs we thought would heat up (I see you Braves, Yankees and Diamondbacks) are moving along. Some, on the other hand, are going in the direction we envisioned even before opening day (sorry Orioles, Mariners and Astros). Surprises still remain, however. With that we get right to it! Continue reading “Major League Baseball Power Rankings Week 2 (4/16/2012)”

MLB 2012: Week One Power Rankings

Week one of my weekly power rankings. After the first week we see some teams (Rays, Cardinals and Tigers) are better than even we could advertise. While others (Yankees, Braves and Red Sox) need to get it together quickly. I’ll have to try and figure out when the last time those three franchises were swept the first three games of the season at the same time. I’m also fully prepared for the backlash from Orioles fans.¬† Continue reading “MLB 2012: Week One Power Rankings”