Free Agency

S2, EP. 4: Melissa Jacobs, Founder/Managing Editor of


Melissa Jacobs career in sports media is as accomplished and fascinating as any you will find in this business. (more…)

The NFL MVP Race Is Between Matt Ryan And Aaron Rodgers, So Here’s Who Wins It

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers thought the Packers could run the table after getting trounced by Washington in Week 11. Green Bay did just that in winning their final six games and the NFC North. (Photo: Washington Times)

There have been a lot of names thrown out regarding this seasons NFL MVP award. Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliott. David Johnson. Tom Brady. All of them have been discussed and all of that discussion had merit.

Emphasis on ‘had’.  (more…)

MLB Offseason 2013: How The St. Louis Cardinals Lost Their Way With Peralta Signing

” I don’t think it’s the Cardinals’ responsibility necessarily to be the morality police.” -John Mozeliak, GM, St. Louis Cardinals (more…)

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Benefit From Geography, Not Moves Like This

bos_g_belichick-welker_mb_576There’s arrogance, and then there’s Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

By now we all know that Wes Welker will no longer be catching passes from Tom Brady. Welker, who was franchised by the Patriots last season, signed with the Denver Broncos for two-years, $12 million dollars. (more…)

Thoughts on Seahawks Trade; Why Mike Wallace Signing Is A Bad Move For Miami

Mike Wallace appears headed to South Beach

Mike Wallace appears headed to South Beach

Well the Monopoly money flew today, and as expected some NFL free agents cashed in.

I’m going to be completely honest in saying I’m all for people getting paid what they deserve, but to see where some of the names landed never ceases to amaze me. (more…)

Major League Baseball Offseason 2012: Next Weeks Winter Meetings Should Lay Groundwork For Free Agent Market, Produce Trades

B.J. Upton and Justin Upton are two marquee names available this offseason (J. Meric/Getty Images North America)

As far as the hot stove season in baseball goes, the first few days in December are when things really get going.

Now for those of you who didn’t understand anything I said in the first line welcome to baseball “nerd jargon” 101. For those who know exactly what I’m talking about you’re looking for a tidbit, a nugget, a gem, or a something indicating what your favorite team will and will not do.  (more…)