Major League Baseball Notes 4/17/2012: What The Freak Is Up With Tim Lincecum?

Last night was supposed to be a match-up of former Cy Young award winners out in San Francisco. Apparently Tim Lincecum didn’t get the memo. 

“The Freak” allowed five runs and eight hits over six innings; dropping to 0-2 on the season and causing some to wonder what is going on. Even by his ridiculously high standards this is cause for a few red flags. To be certain, having your best pitcher start so poorly (10.54 ERA, 1.90 WHIP) and losing your best reliever to Tommy John surgery isn’t the script the Giants wrote leaving spring training.

My guess, Lincecum will be fine come start three. I do worry about him a bit because he is slowly creeping towards his 30’s (he’s 28) and his frame has always been less than ideal. The Giants would be wise to keep an eye on his workload, if even a little bit, to make sure that his 33 start average and 880+ innings pitched since 2008 don’t come back to haunt him.

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