Major League Baseball Power Rankings Week 3 (4/23/2012)

Week three power rankings see the Rangers on top for the second consecutive week. Braves and Nationals are rising fast after solid weeks.

  1. Texas Rangers (13-3)- at 13-3 not much going wrong for this ball club. Adrian Beltre currently sitting out with a strained hamstring injury. Also would love to get Elvis Andrus going (.230 BA, 1 steal, 11 K’s)
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (12-4)- Don Mattingly hitting a bit of a stride as skipper for the Dodgers. Had a rough series losing 2-of-3 to the Brewers and an ugly loss against the Astros Sunday, but overall early returns are promising.
  3. Washington Nationals (12-4)- No one is pitching better than the Nationals’. Their rotation of Strasburg, Zimmermann, Gonzalez and Jackson have been lights out. Their bullpen has been even better. Strasburg (2-0, 1.08 ERA, 25 K’s, 6 walks) is every bit as dominant as most thought he would be.
  4. St. Louis Cardinals(11-5)- Quietly keeping it together in the National League Central but Lance Berkman to the DL will hurt the offense tremendously. Adam Wainwright (9.88 ERA, 0-3) isn’t walking people, but he isn’t doing himself any favors leaving too many out over the plate either.
  5. Atlanta Braves (10-6)- There is no stopping Michael Bourn right now. After an early season slump he’s been white-hot the last week batting .464 (13-28) with an OBP of .531. He isn’t even the hottest Brave from the last week. That distinction belongs to Freddie Freeman ( 3 HR, 14 RBI, .478 BA). It isn’t a mystery why they scored 45 runs during their second five-game win streak.
  6. New York Yankees(9-6)- The Yankees continue to be the team to beat in the American League East. Curtis Granderson is the most recent to join the hit parade in the Bronx. His three homer performance against the Twins highlights a week in which he batted .400.
  7. Detroit Tigers(10-6)- Shipping Daniel Schlereth out of the bullpen is a start, but they will need to find some middle relief quickly.
  8. Chicago White Sox (9-6)- I don’t know how it happened, but someone found the ghost of Alex Rios and placed him on the South side of Chicago. I have to give credit where its due, and Rios batting .458 with six RBI’s last week was something to get excited about if you’re a White Sox fan.
  9. Toronto Blue Jays(9-6)- In my opinion, they have the most to gain in capitalizing on a Red Sox slow start. So far they are but will need to continue to play good baseball because….
  10. Tampa Bay Rays (9-7)- The Rays are continuing their ways as a team that hasn’t figured out where they fit yet. B.J. Upton return should help production in a lineup ranked 16th in runs in the majors.
  11. Colorado Rockies (8-7)- Jamie Moyer made news by becoming the oldest pitcher in major league history to record a win. The Rockies are benefiting from great starts by their offense and Rafael Betancourt is settling into his new role as closer very nicely (1.29 ERA, 5/5 saves).
  12. Cleveland Indians (8-6)- Timely hitting and consistent pitching have this team sitting at 12 this week. Lacking presence in the rotation that could be filled by Ubaldo Jimenez if he finds form. Lacking presence in their lineup if they can get Carlos Santana (.239 BA) started as well.
  13. San Francisco Giants (8-7)- The post-Brian Wilson era has begun well enough for the Giants. Tim Lincecum seems to be getting back on track. Matt Cain is proving to be worth the extension he was given by out-dueling Cliff Lee in San Francisco. Brandon Belt batted .429 last week after collecting three hits in seven at-bats.
  14. Arizona Diamondbacks (8-8)- Got hammered by the Braves in three of four and aren’t handling extended absences by Justin Upton and Chris Young very well. They need to get on a roll against the Phillies, Marlins and Washington. Not exactly what an offense missing its stars needs, a trip through the NL East.
  15. New York Mets- Ike Davis has forgotten how to hit. Oh, and so has everyone else on this team not named David Wright.
  16. Miami Marlins (7-9)- Marlins batters are starting to heat up. Led by Omar Infante and his home run barrage. Stanton, Morrison and Ramirez are all stepping up as the Marlins look to get going in May.
  17. Seattle Mariners(7-9)- Despite being no-hit at home, Seattle has been playing well. They don’t seem ready to contend, but the pieces are there to build on. Ichiro has cooled off considerably since his hot start. His average down to .275 after batting just .250 last week.
  18. Milwaukee Brewers(7-9)- Bullpen looks atrocious. Might be time for them to search the minors for help before they fall too far back.
  19. Oakland Athletics (8-9)- There’s something about this club that keeps me tuned in. Yoenis Cespedes and Josh Reddick are a nice outfield tandem for the Athletics. I think it might be time for Oakland fans to learn Kila Ka’aihue and what he’s all about. So far he doesn’t show any signs of giving up the first base job (.370 BA in nine games).
  20. Baltimore Orioles (9-7)- Don’t get excited. Yes I know I’m always bagging on Baltimore but consider a motivation tactic more than anything else. Adam Jones has been playing out of this world (.303 BA, 5 HR) and so has Wieters (.292 BA, 5 HR).  
  21. Los Angeles Angels (6-10)- I don’t want to alarm anyone, but Albert Pujols has yet to hit a home run in April. I was just informed my “not alarming anyone” skills need some work.  
  22. Cincinnati Reds(7-9)- went 3-3 last week, but the big news for the Reds has got to be Aroldis Chapman (2-0, 18 K’s, 2 BB, 0.00 ERA). He’s been lights out. Other than that not much going on here.
  23. Pittsburgh Pirates (6-10)- McCutchen is still the man here, A.J. Burnett looked good in his initial start. There just isn’t enough offense on this club for contention.
  24. Philadelphia Phillies (7-9)- What’s the difference between this Phillies team and the one that started similarly in 2008? That year, they were younger.
  25. Houston Astros (6-9)- J.D. Martinez and Jose Altuve are playing good baseball for Houston. Wandy Rodriguez is pitching well. So what’s wrong with them? Rosters are 25 deep.
  26. San Diego Padres (5-12)- An offense with no punch + a pitching staff that’s 3/5 bad = enjoy the weather Padres fans.
  27. Chicago Cubs (4-12)- You almost have to feel bad for the Cubs. Starlin Castro is playing great baseball to start the season but that’s about all that’s positive on the North side.
  28. Minnesota Twins (5-11)- The Minnesota Twins might have the worst collection of pitchers I’ve ever seen.
  29. Kansas City Royals(3-12)- Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer are hitting below .200, Jeff Francoeur is hitting below .250. That’s a problem with an offense built around these three names.
  30. Boston Red Sox (4-10)- This team is a mess. No pitching and a culture problem. Forget it just read this.

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