New York Jets Have A Chance To Make Things Right, Revis Will Get His Chance In NFC South

Revis stated in his press conference that the NFC South (with Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton) was a "good fit" for him.
Revis says the NFC South (with Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton) is a “good fit” for him. I’m not so sure.

Well it finally happened. The New York Jets finally traded one of the best cover and the best holdout corner in the National Football League. I personally think that it’s about time; if for no other reason than the Jets needed to kind of clean house. 

It doesn’t matter how good Revis is/was for them, or that he is the best at his position. The holdouts alone indicated it was time for the Jets and the All-Pro corner to part ways and start anew.

For the Jets, though, it is an opportunity for them to finally (FINALLY) institute a new culture for themselves. The trade of Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gives them eight picks in the upcoming NFL Draft (Wednesday April 20, 2013), and the ninth and 13th overall picks respectively. Now I (like just about everyone else) have been critical of the Jets draft choices since Rex Ryan and company have come in. Tim Tebow circus aside, he isn’t the reason the Jets have floundered since making two straight AFC championship games.

So does the trade hurt the Jets? Well, for starters, I think it is pretty obvious a guy like Revis would have been wasting his time in the Meadowlands. Lets face it, the division he plays in isn’t conducive to what he does best which is shut down the other teams best wide receiver. The AFC East doesn’t feature vertical offenses anymore. Tom Brady doesn’t go over the top with his best receivers being tight ends and whatever warm body they position in the slot. Miami and Buffalo haven’t had real quarterbacks since Dan Marino and Jim Kelly so I don’t see that being a problem for new York to handle without Revis six times a season.

Revis, on the other hand, will get to show his true ability in the NFC South. There, resides Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton. Those offenses do stretch the field, and he will have every opportunity to quiet any talk about his knee injury, his critics, and especially Richard Sherman.

But what about those picks? Put simply, if you’re the Jets scouting department you need three things: a wide receiver, a quarterback, and a legitimate pass rusher. You have eight chances to make something happen and you have to make it happen. I don’t care what anyone says, take Ryan Nassib or Tyler Wilson and develop the heck out him at quarterback. I don’t care how much tape of Drew Brees Matt Barkley watches, don’t go down that road. Need a defensive player who can make an immediate impact? Take that character chance on Alec Ogletree and understand that you can put so many behavioral incentives in that contract to protect yourself you could be coming away with a steal at 13.

Then understand you have the seventh pick (39th overall) in the second round and realize that a (wholly) overlooked Da’Rick Rogers could fall in your lap there; and if not him then take that flyer on Kenny Stills, who absolutely showed out at the combine.

This draft is an opportunity for the Jets to do it right. You still have remnants of the past few seasons (Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Tebow, etc.), but if this new front-office wants to distinguish itself it will cut out the noise and do whats necessary to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

You’re on the clock, guys.

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