NBA Playoffs 2013: The Magnificent Stephen Curry (Feat. Music From The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Stephen and the Warriors face elimination against the Spurs (Photo Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler/ NBAE via Getty Images)
The Warriors are facing elimination against the Spurs (Photo Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler/ NBAE via Getty Images)

Some things, for me, can’t be argued. DJ Jazzy Jeff is the greatest DJ of all-time (See: exhibit A, exhibit B, and exhibit C, and one more for good measure; talk to me if you want more proof) and after four months of watching  (attentively) Stephen Curry he might be the best all-around scorer I’ve ever seen

Now that sounds like crazy talk, right? I witnessed the genius of Michael Jordan, I was a huge fan of Reggie Miller when it was truly “Miller Time”, and Lebron James and Kobe Bryant you can’t say enough about what they are doing. The numbers, the performances, and the overall feel of the man who has brought an electric feeling back to Bay area basketball can’t be explained by the numbers alone.

But since we’re on the subject, I’ll lay them out a bit for you.

  • He’s shooting .446% from 3-pt. first among active players, second all-time
  • He made 272 three-pointers in 2012-2013, an NBA single-season record
  • Since 2010 he has finished first or second in free throw percentage (.934 in ’12-’13)
  • He was second in the NBA in steals in 2010-2011 (152)

The surface hasn’t even been scratched, folks. His numbers get even more ridiculous when you consider this years playoffs.

He’s unselfish (8.3 assists/game), he’s defensively savvy (1.7 steals/game), and despite playing on ankles that some have described as “tissue paper” he has played the most minutes in the 2012-2013 postseason. This isn’t an anomaly, folks, this is a real life superstar that has just taken that next step. It’s a step that Brandon Jennings, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, and a host of others haven’t taken yet. That unselfish balance between knowing you are the man, yet placating to those who aren’t as offensively gifted because it’s for the good of your team and its chances to overcome the formidable Spurs.That isn’t a knock on Klay Thompson, Jarrett Jack, or Harrison Barnes but Stephen Curry is your franchise. He isn’t just a role guy, he is the guy. He carries himself like it, plays like it, should be handled like it (watch those minutes Mark Jackson), and ankles willing is going continue to play like it.

It would be easy to play the “I can’t believe he was taken seventh” game four years later. To this day, I can’t completely fault the Portland Trailblazers for taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan based on need. Some things are a little more obvious and sting a little more. Like my Atlanta Hawks taking Marvin Williams over both Deron Williams (confusing) and Chris Paul (just inexcusable). But where does Curry fall? Yes, he’s magnificent now, but what did we miss then when he was chosen seventh overall out of Davidson? Well, lets start with the fact that he went to Davidson. I went back to the 2005 draft, and of the 240 picks between 2005 and 2012 (including international), only six came from schools outside of the major conferences; and two of them (Paul George and Stephen Curry) are making significant moves toward superstar status (Like to give the Sacramento Kings a shout out for drafting Jason Thompson out of Rider University one year. Only the second player out of their program. Kudos for over-thinking things).

Curry’s exploits, however, were well documented at Davidson as he single-handedly knocked off Gonzaga, Georgetown, Wisconsin, and Kansas to lead the Wildcats to the Elite Eight in 2008. Why is that so significant? Every other appearance the Wildcats have made in the NCAA tournament since 1970 resulted in a first round exit.

We’re watching something amazing happen with Curry. I’m not a basketball guru (and I encourage you to read my buddy over at Bleacher Report Andy Bailey’s write up about him) but I can recognize unbelievable talent when I see it, and Golden State has it in their organization.

Hopefully for many years to come.

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