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Ep. 10: Olympic Trainer Dr. Karen Bloch, Dr. Carling McMichael, & John Mann, Olympic Men’s Water Polo Player


Being an Olympian goes beyond what we see when the lights are brightest. To get to the biggest stage, it takes physical preparation and training beyond anything that most of us can comprehend. (more…)

Ep. 9: Bill Strickland, Pioneer NBA Sports Attorney/Agent


The world of sports agents isn’t one for the faint of heart. It takes a level of skill and determination that few have. For minorities, that rings even truer.  (more…)

Locker Talk Episode 27! NBA Playoffs and Baseball Chatter

The New York Mets Matt Harvey is "must see television" in 2013. Is he a franchise cornerstone?

The New York Mets Matt Harvey is “must see television” in 2013. Is he a franchise cornerstone?

Co-host Baden Bagley and I talk about the Pacers/Heat series and what to expect for game five in Miami. We also talk the top pitchers in major league baseball and which teams are the top three teams in major league baseball.


Locker Talk Episode 24! NBA Chat


Co-host Baden Bagley and I will be joined by Eastside Perspective chief and FBSschedules.com contributor Clayton Tinkle to talk Pacers/Heat game 1, NBA draft lottery, and throw out an early mock draft.


NBA Playoffs 2013: The Magnificent Stephen Curry (Feat. Music From The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Stephen and the Warriors face elimination against the Spurs (Photo Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler/ NBAE via Getty Images)

The Warriors are facing elimination against the Spurs (Photo Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler/ NBAE via Getty Images)

Some things, for me, can’t be argued. DJ Jazzy Jeff is the greatest DJ of all-time (See: exhibit A, exhibit B, and exhibit C, and one more for good measure; talk to me if you want more proof) and after four months of watching  (attentively) Stephen Curry he might be the best all-around scorer I’ve ever seen (more…)

Locker Talk Episode 22! Michael “Air” Jordan at 50 (with highlight video)

6.-MichaelJordanThe Lady Sportswriter dropped by to discuss Michael Jordan turning 50 and his legacy. We talked about the debate of if it can ever be matched and why it might be unfair because of eras. Join the conversation weekly by calling in to (773) 897-6129 and listen!


Time For Dwight Howard To Grow Up

Our thoughts exactly, Dwight

Our thoughts exactly, Dwight

I think of the Los Angeles Lakers, as a team hamstrung. But not by what you would expect them to be hamstrung by. (more…)

locker Talk Episode Nine! The NBA Is Back And We Are All In (11/2/2012)

Co-host Baden Bagley and I chop it up about the start of the NBA’s regular season. We discuss the tragic events in New York and how sports role within it may play. We also talk about the Heat/Celtics rivalry and how the “Jerk” act is wearing a little thin. (773) 897-6129 is the number to call in and join the conversation.


Locker Talk Episode Seven! (10/26/2012)

Ray Allen in South Beach (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Adam Cubbage and Baden Bagley discussed the top-5 NBA rivalries of the upcoming season. Join the conversation! (773) 897-6129

Mark Cuban Takes Skip Bayless To Task on ESPN First Take

Good for Mark Cuban going on ESPN FirstTake and giving it to Skip Bayless. I’m not a Skip Bayless hater, I’m just one who loves it when people are held to the fire for their words. I can be right or wrong in what I write, but I will make sure I know what I’m talking about if I put it out there. Kudos, Mark.