S2, Ep. 13: Richard Deitsch, Writer/Reporter, Sports Illustrated


Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated is one of the best writers/reporters in the sports  media industry. His podcast, the SI Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch, is a must listen, and if you aren’t following him on Twitter stop missing out on gems on everything from sports, to media, to politics. Richard was kind enough to join me in a discussion on a range of topics that I couldn’t be more excited to get his opinion about.  Continue reading “S2, Ep. 13: Richard Deitsch, Writer/Reporter, Sports Illustrated”

Mark Cuban Takes Skip Bayless To Task on ESPN First Take

Good for Mark Cuban going on ESPN FirstTake and giving it to Skip Bayless. I’m not a Skip Bayless hater, I’m just one who loves it when people are held to the fire for their words. I can be right or wrong in what I write, but I will make sure I know what I’m talking about if I put it out there. Kudos, Mark.