Ep. 12: Mike Yam, Pac-12 Network Studio Host, Give Me A Sense Podcast


I think a lot of people can relate to the early morning/late night routine of getting ready for work or winding down the day by turning on a show like Sportscenter or a college network show. Even if its for a few minutes as a familiar backdrop to your routine, you can relate to “catching up” on what you might have missed in the world of sports. Continue reading “Ep. 12: Mike Yam, Pac-12 Network Studio Host, Give Me A Sense Podcast”

Ep. 10: Olympic Trainer Dr. Karen Bloch, Dr. Carling McMichael, & John Mann, Olympic Men’s Water Polo Player


Being an Olympian goes beyond what we see when the lights are brightest. To get to the biggest stage, it takes physical preparation and training beyond anything that most of us can comprehend. Continue reading “Ep. 10: Olympic Trainer Dr. Karen Bloch, Dr. Carling McMichael, & John Mann, Olympic Men’s Water Polo Player”

Ep. 6: Samantha Peszek, 2008 Olympic Silver Medal Gymnast


For me, the pinnacle of athletic achievement is representing your country in the Olympics. Olympians are put through a qualifying process that has often left me speechless. Two Summers ago I met gymnast Samantha Peszek while working at a sports marketing company a couple years ago as she was preparing for her final season with the UCLA Bruins. She was training and coming back from an Achilles injury. Apart from winning a Silver Medal in Beijing, she was already an NCAA National Champion for the Bruins, and I wondered what made her want to come back and compete on a fifth-year of eligibility when she seemingly had nothing else to prove.

In today’s episode we talk with Sam in the first of a series of special Olympic Podcasts leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We discuss her upbringing (5:00), the process to making the Olympics (11:00), her experience during the Olympics (14:00), her life after the Olympics (17:00), why she chose UCLA over other colleges (20:00), misconceptions of the sport (27:00) and much more.

Check out more from Samantha on Twitter (@samanthapeszek) and Instagram (@samanthapeszek), and she runs a fitness Instagram account with fellow former Olympian, Alicia Sacramone Quinn (@asaq_3) you can follow called @thegympire.

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NBA Offseason 2012: Kyrie Irving Challenges Kobe Bryant and Team USA Looks

Photo Credit: Spruce Derden/US Presswire

Kyrie Irving might be fast becoming my favorite Duke player of all-time.

And I’m not a Duke fan.

Irving challenged Kobe Bryant to a game of 1-on-1 for charity ($50,000 donation) next summer and upon hearing this I immediately got so excited it shocked me. Check out the exchange provided by DukeBluePlanet Youtube page

Also, you can’t really fault Kobe’s bravado; especially considering who he is. But ummmm Kyrie not dribbling? He might wanna check the practice tape.

(Source:  Hoopmixtape.com )