Ep. 10: Olympic Trainer Dr. Karen Bloch, Dr. Carling McMichael, & John Mann, Olympic Men’s Water Polo Player


Being an Olympian goes beyond what we see when the lights are brightest. To get to the biggest stage, it takes physical preparation and training beyond anything that most of us can comprehend.

At her office in Long Beach, California, I had the privilege of sitting down with two-time Olympic Athletic Trainer, Dr. Karen Bloch; who was kind enough not only to talk with me, but also bring Men’s Olympic Water Polo Player, John Mann, as well as Dr. Carling McMichael, who is currently playing an integral role in preparing the US Men’s Water Polo team for the games in Rio.

In today’s episode we discuss Dr. Bloch’s upbringing (3:00), training for prevention (7:00), advances in sports training technology (15:00), favorite Olympic moments (30:00), how the Olympics has helped her better treat patients every day (40:00), and much more.

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Also, if you’re in the Southern California area and need assistance check out Bloch Chiropractic Wellness & Sports Medicine, where they treat everyone like an Olympian.

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