Ep. 9: Bill Strickland, Pioneer NBA Sports Attorney/Agent


The world of sports agents isn’t one for the faint of heart. It takes a level of skill and determination that few have. For minorities, that rings even truer. 

Pioneer Sports Attorney/Agent, Bill Strickland, has represented and counseled a number of legendary athletes throughout his career; including Joakim Noah, James Worthy, Rasheed Wallace, and Michael Jordan. He’s the longest tenured African-American in the business, and was the first African-American Agent to represent the #1 Overall pick in the NBA Draft when he represented Pervis Ellison in 1989.

When you talk to Bill, you not only soak in the lessons from the countless stories he’s sharing, you feel them. You feel his experiences, trials, and successes that the more than 30-plus years have left him with. And because of those experiences the industry, as a whole, is better for it.

In today’s episode Bill and I discuss a range of topics including his upbringing in Los Angeles (4:00), his decision to pursue his law degree at Georgetown after already receiving his MBA from UCLA (15:00), how he got started in the sports industry (24:00), his career (30:00), and (yes) Michael Jordan and other tales of similar traits successful athletes have in common with each other.

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