Ep. 12: Mike Yam, Pac-12 Network Studio Host, Give Me A Sense Podcast


I think a lot of people can relate to the early morning/late night routine of getting ready for work or winding down the day by turning on a show like Sportscenter or a college network show. Even if its for a few minutes as a familiar backdrop to your routine, you can relate to “catching up” on what you might have missed in the world of sports.

Have you ever wondered what it would really be like to be the voice behind that familiar backdrop? For some who think its merely memorizing your favorite team or sports’ statistics think again.

Enter Pac-12 studio host Mike Yam. Mike’s journey has seen him go from Fordham graduate, to WFUV (New York’s longest running sports call in show), to Sirius XM sports radio in it’s early days, to ESPN hosting Sportscenter and various shows/podcasts for ESPN radio, and to his current post as studio host for the Pac-12 Network. Mike was gracious enough to join me on the podcast to discuss what it really takes to be the point man for some of the biggest sports shows on television, covering some of the biggest teams (Mets, Knicks) in the biggest markets (New York). Mike and I also discussed his early motivations (8:00). Why, despite rejection, he continued to pursue his passion (15:00), his early career influences (27:00), and his podcast Give Me A Sense (35:00).

You can find and subscribe to the Give Me A Sense Podcast on iTunes. Follow Mike Yam on Instagram (@Mike_Yam) and Twitter (@Mike_Yam).

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