Fantasy Football 2014: What’s Real, What’s Not As You Hit The Waiver Wire

Allen Hurns debut (110 yards, 2 TD's) has created quite the buzz. Should you buy it? (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images North America)
Allen Hurns debut –110 yards, 2 TD’s– has created quite the buzz. Should you buy it? (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images North America)

Taking a look at this weeks most talked about waiver wire targets. Here’s my take on them. 

Allen Hurns, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars (WEEK 1: 110 ReYards, 2 TD’s ) – There is a definite hype machine building for the undrafted rookie out of Miami. Let me first say “kudos” for what he has accomplished in playing his way, not just onto the team, but into the conversation as a real contributor to the Jaguars. What does that mean to you? Well his week one performance was nice, but I’m not banking on him to repeat that week-in and week-out. My reasons? First, Jacksonville is still convinced Cecil Shorts is their go-to guy in the receiving corps and he will be back from injury (which puts a damper on Hurns’ targets). Second, the rookie learning curve is real. I’m not going to lump Hurns in with the Kevin Ogletree‘s of this world yet but you will probably want to make sure Hurns isn’t an immediate need before you go betting the farm on consistent production. VERDICT: Real; but proceed with caution

Justin Forsett, RB, Baltimore Ravens (WEEK 1: 70 RuYards, TD)- I hate to be THAT guy for everyone’s favorite new pickup but let me point a few things out for you as I try to squelch this irrational train. Fact 1: Justin Forsett has exactly two 100-yard rushing games in his career. Fact 2: Justin Forsett has one career game in which he’s rushed for more than one touchdown. Fact 3: He has one career receiving touchdown. Fact 4: Justin Forsett hasn’t rushed for 100-yards in a season since 2012. So you expect me to believe that I’m supposed to run out and bet the farm on this guy? There’s a reason this guy was third on the depth chart before the Ravens released that running back (who will remain nameless on this site. Forever.) earlier this week. Don’t believe the hype here, save that waiver position for better options and be okay if you’re wrong here. VERDICT: Not real

Terrance West, RB, Cleveland Browns (WEEK 1: 100 RuYards)- How many of you bought into what Ben Tate was trying to sell you this offseason? I’m sorry, but here’s your (first) chance at redemption. I like Terrance West. A lot. So much, in fact, I would be willing to bet he doesn’t give the job back to Tate so easily when he comes back. He’ll have his moments when he makes you remember he’s a rookie out of Towson, but believe me when I tell you he’s someone you need to have on your fantasy team. He averaged 6.25 yards/attempt game one. What are you waiting for? VERDICT: VERY Real

Isaiah Crowell, RB, Cleveland Browns (WEEK 1: 32 RuYards, 2 TD’s)- Remember I said West was your first chance at redemption from the mistake that was Ben Tate and his injury history? Here’s the second. Crowell, the former Alabama State Hornet, ran for over six yards per carry and two scores in his debut effort. He’s the thunder in the Browns backfield and should see a pretty healthy split now that he’s the number two back on the chart. I would stash him on your roster because Tate (with his salary) might be a casualty of his own history when he returns. VERDICT: Real

Jake Locker, QB, Tennessee Titans (WEEK 1: 266 yards, 2 TD’s)- How many of you have Jake Locker as your starting quarterback? How many of you thought he would be in the conversation as a starting fantasy quarterback? Well he is, and for those of you running out questionable choices at that position I would give Locker a run. Especially the next few weeks as Dallas, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Houston, Washington and Cleveland are on the schedule in six of the next seven weeks. Fingers crossed to good health. VERDICT: Real

Markus Wheaton, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers (WEEK 1: 97 ReYards)- I’ll admit I have owned Wheaton, dropped Wheaton, and traded Wheaton. That’s off my chest, now I can tell you there are better options than Wheaton in your league. His week one was admirable, but it is pretty indicative of what he’s going to be. He will LIVE in the 70-90 yard range but won’t get you many touchdowns. Isn’t that what the game is about? PPR league he has good value, but I’m not there with him yet. VERDICT: Not real with the chance to correct me


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football 2014: What’s Real, What’s Not As You Hit The Waiver Wire

    1. I think Palmer is capable of being a top-10 play most weeks because of his offense and the weapons he has. Who do you have at QB currently?


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