Fantasy Football 2015: Thursday Night Audibles For Broncos Vs. Chiefs

I like Alex Smith and the Chiefs to beat the Broncos for the first time since Smith took over as starting quarterback (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

I like Alex Smith and the Chiefs to beat the Broncos for the first time since Smith took over as starting quarterback (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

Thursday Night Audibles will be season long weekly series that helps you fill those last-minute roster holes before the fantasy football week begins

Tonight in Kansas City is sure to be something. What that something is, exactly, will be determined. 

The Chiefs and Broncos look like two teams heading in the same direction, that is until you look at their respective offenses and realize that isn’t the case. That leads me to let you know that these weekly audibles are just as much about who not to start as it is who to play. With that….

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning, QB

Manning didn’t do anyone any favors last week in throwing for less than 200 yards (175) and zero touchdowns (one interception). He also didn’t raise confidence levels that last season’s late decline is behind him. Call it whatever you want (and I trust that Manning fans will), but if I have another option on my bench to start at Quarterback I’m going with that option. I realize Manning very well could throw for 500+ yards and three touchdowns tonight, but I also realize that his offensive line is very green, Kansas City’s defensive front is no joke, and the Chiefs secondary is looking as opportunistic as it did a few seasons ago now that everyone is healthy.

Ronnie Hillman, RB

One of the most interesting lines I’ve ever heard came from Jim Harbaugh (shocker). When talking about what it takes to succeed in the NFL, one of the things he said was “you’ve got to take another man’s job away from him.” Not only does it perfectly  encapsulate the culture of football as a whole, it’s also what could be happening (again) in Denver. I’ve banged the drum on Hillman for a few months now, so take my opinion for what it’s worth. Tonight in Kansas City could lead to a perfect storm of Hillman reclaiming the job he lost to C.J. Anderson last season. With Anderson currently listed as questionable yet expected to play through his turf toe injury, it might not be a bad gamble to play Hillman. If Anderson is dealing with an injury, and Hillman is already splitting carries, who says this couldn’t be Hillman’s show tonight?

Kansas City Chiefs

Albert Wilson and Chris Conley, WR

I’m a fan favorite of receivers slipping through the cracks against solid defenses, and Conley and Wilson present just that for fantasy owners. Talib will no doubt be tasked with covering Maclin while added attention will be given to Travis Kelce to (attempt to) limit him going wild. My guess is that Wilson and Conley will be forced to step up and contribute more options for Smith in the passing game beyond Charles, Kelce, and Maclin. My money is on Conley.

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