Fantasy Football 2015: Thursday Night Football Audibles For Titans Vs. Jaguars

Marcus Mariota has shown flashes of great potential, but should be avoided tonight against Jacksonville. ((Photo: Bleacher Report)

My curiosity is piqued by one thing regarding tonight’s game.

How many will watch it? 

I can honestly say I know one (yes one) Jacksonville Jaguars fan (shout out to Clayton). Maybe even more so than the Browns, I can legitimately tell you I’ve never met a Tennessee Titans fan. Sure there are Oilers fans, but since the team took up residence in Nashville I haven’t seen the reach.

And I’m from the South.

Now that I’ve built this game up to be the matchup of the century let me remind you of something: this game has playoff implication.

These aren’t your Mark Brunell/Fred Taylor Jacksonville Jaguars by any stretch, but they’re a promising young collection who are playing hard every week and starting to believe they can win in a suddenly winnable division.

Tennessee might not seem like a world beater, but since they fired Ken Wisenhunt (long overdue) they’ve shown signs of good things to come on both sides of the football.

I’m not here to sell you on the idea that tonight’s game is going to be the best of the season, but it will be entertaining, an opportunity to see some of the best young players in the NFL, and for Fantasy Football purposes there is a lot to like, tonight.

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Allen Hurns, WR

Hurns has been a top-15 performer at his position this season and the Titans present a good matchup. If you don’t have a lot of options go with him tonight. Just be mindful of the many injuries he’s battling.

Allen Robinson, WR

Hurns has been good, Robinson has been matchup-proof. A no doubt WR1.

Blake Bortles, QB

Hit or miss, Titans have been surprisingly strong on defense (top-5 in sacks), and against the 28th ranked O-Line they could give Bortles more trouble than is worth playing. Avoid if you can.

Jaguars, D/ST

Not a pushover defense by any stretch but also not the behemoth they’re being projected as tonight. Stream if necessary but don’t expect huge numbers.

Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota, QB

Mariota has looked a lot better since the coaching change and has been what one should expect year one in Tennessee. Weapons in the passing game could be limited so, like Bortles, avoid if you can.

Delanie Walker, TE

Jaguars have not done well stopping tight ends and I’m not confident it starts tonight. Mularkey run offenses know how to utilize the position so he’s a solid play for me.

Titans, D/ST

I know I talked a little about them earlier, but they’ve shown me enough to believe that if you need a streamer this week this unit might not be a bad gamble.

Now let’s all reminisce back to a time when Mark Brunell was THE MAN in J-Ville:



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