Ep. 4: Evan Brennan, NFLPA Certified Agent


Today begins the three day event known as the NFL Draft. Hundreds of young kids will get the opportunity to realize their dream of making an NFL roster. I wanted to talk to someone who helps make those dreams a reality from a business standpoint.

Evan Brennan is an NFLPA Certified Agent who has been in the business for five years. He works for a firm, 360 Sports, that has negotiated over $1 billion in client contracts. Evan himself has negotiated contracts and endorsement deals for prospects taken in every round of the NFL draft, and has numerous clients slated to get drafted in 2016. He’s got a Masters in Sports Management and a Law Degree, both of which are necessary for his line of work.

In this episode we discuss the Pre-Draft Process (2:00) and his counsel to them, the Importance of the NFL Combine and Pro Days (10:00), Draft Day (14:00), Post Draft bidding wars (16:00), and his life as an agent (26:00).


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