Ep. 5: Ginny Sanderlin, Marketing Services Coordinator, PGA TOUR


Have you ever uttered the phrase “I would love to work in sports”? For many people, working in sports would be a dream come true. Most people (myself included) envisioned the pursuit of working in sports the same as pursuing any other job: research it, apply for it, interview for it, and work in it. What most people don’t know is that apart from being an extremely competitive industry to break into and work in, it’s also not an industry where you will find a lot of people who took a “straightforward path” to their jobs.

I’m not just speaking from reports or research, I’m speaking from my own experience.

In this episode I had the opportunity to speak with Ginny Sanderlin. Ginny works for the PGA TOUR, which , I also learned, is very different from The PGA. Ginny and I both grew up in Savannah, Georgia and attended high school together so it was fun getting her perspective. We talk about her college experience at the University of Georgia (3:00) and how that experience prepared her for the corporate world (6:00). Ginny explains how those years of experience were important in her getting a job with the PGA TOUR (9:00). We’ll also discuss her role and day-to-day responsibilities as Marketing Services Coordinator (11:00), challenges she faces in marketing golf (14:00), Tiger Woods (17:00), and her advice to those looking to break into sports no matter the field (23:00).

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