Ep. 15: Katie Hazelrigg, Los Angeles Kings


Since 2011 the Los Angeles Kings have won two Stanley Cup Championships. Even when the Kings had Wayne Gretzky this feat wasn’t accomplished. It’s no wonder, then, that with that success came a rise in attendance for the franchise in Los Angeles. 

Katie Hazelrigg grew up in Los Angeles, California and has been a Kings fan since she was a kid. I met her a few years ago and it has been fun to see her advance in the ranks from intern to an Account Executive for the Los Angeles Kings. Nothing about her success to this point surprises me, because since I’ve known her she’s been an example of positive energy and good work ethic that we could all learn from.

On today’s episode I catch up with Katie and we discuss, among other things, her growing up in Los Angeles (5:00), her time at the University of Michigan (10:00), the benefit of internships (20:00), working for the Los Angeles Dodgers (25:00), and a whole lot more.

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