Ep. 18: Andrew Bailey, Bleacher Report NBA and Breaking News


Andrew Bailey has covered the NBA and Breaking News for Bleacher Report for six years. His Twitter account, @AndrewDBailey,  is a treasure trove of basketball analytics and statistics that cause spirited debates. It’s not on purpose, he’s just telling you what the numbers tell him.

That’s one of the reasons I asked Andrew (“Andy”) to join me today. Analytics in sports is a hot topic among the old and new school. Particularly in basketball, where legends have scoffed at the notion that a computer and a calculator can tell you something that the eyes can’t. Some in the media even call this method of evaluation another form of racial exclusion.

We talk about that and then some in today’s podcast. I ask him about the NBA’s labor peace, their ascension to becoming a “model” among the major sports leagues, “Super Teams”, and where Steph Curry ranks historically.

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