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Each week I’ll give my take on some of the things we all talked about In sports.


Happier times between college basketball and Mark Emmert (second from left). Also, this now never happened so I don’t know what he’s clapping about.

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-NCAA’s Recruiting ‘scandal’

– Mark Emmert doesn’t get it

– Kim Pegula almost gets it


Ep. 18: Andrew Bailey, Bleacher Report NBA and Breaking News


Andrew Bailey has covered the NBA and Breaking News for Bleacher Report for six years. His Twitter account, @AndrewDBailey,  is a treasure trove of basketball analytics and statistics that cause spirited debates. It’s not on purpose, he’s just telling you what the numbers tell him. (more…)

Ep. 14: Donna Lopiano, President/CEO, Sports Management Resources


It’s never been okay to downplay a woman’s athletic ability but somehow we continue to allow just that to happen. For too long, we’ve allowed ourselves to view women’s athletics as a novelty or, even worse, as us (mainly men) doing them a favor. I’ve played or followed sports for over 20 years and I have to admit, one thing that always remained fuzzy to me was the true definition of Title IX. I knew it had something to do with equality, but I wanted to know more about it.

That’s where today’s guest, Donna Lopiano, comes in. (more…)

NCAA, Conference Commissioners “Solution” To “One And Done” Is A Joke

Jahlil Okafor is a standout meeting for Duke University and projected top-5 pick in this Summer's NBA Draft

Jahlil Okafor is a standout freshman basketball player for Duke University and a projected top-5 pick in this Summer’s NBA Draft. Future changes to NCAA policy could keep players like him in school for two years or more. 

Imagine having a skill set that allows you the opportunity to earn millions of dollars.

You’re one of the few people in the world who can do what you do and it is in incredibly high demand at a high cost. It doesn’t matter the field; it could be medicine, landscaping, plumbing, or pool cleaning. Just know that what you do, no one else can do it at the same level.

Now imagine being told you can’t do it professionally for two or even three years for “social” and “academic” reasons. (more…)

Locker Talk Episode 21! College Basketball

Trey Burke of Michigan

Trey Burke of Michigan

Today at 3:30 p.m. (EST) Editor and chief of The Eastside Perspective sports blog Clayton Tinkle joined Baden Bagley and  I to discuss the College Basketball season. We talked our top-5 teams, What to make of the Miami Hurricanes rise in the polls, and much more. Give us a listen and call in to join the conversation at (773) 897-6129

Locker Talk Episode Four! (10/17/2012)

Adam Cubbage and Baden Bagley talk the Yankees playoff woes, Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers, Seattle sports misery and sound off on what would make attendance better in sports. Give it a listen!