Ep. 20: Michael Felder, College Football Video Analyst, Bleacher Report


Michael Felder is proof that if you want to do something bad enough, all it takes is good, old-fashioned hard work. After his playing days as a walk-on for the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), “Mike” knew the regular 9-to-5 wasn’t for him. His passion for the game of football, particularly at the college level, is evident immediately when you talk to him. Hence why, after years of hard work, he’s now a college football video analyst for Bleacher Report.

On today’s episode, we talk college football and which teams look the part of contenders. We also discuss conference powers and whether or not the SEC has some work to do to retain the mantle of “Best Conference In College Football.” We also talk protests and whether he believes we will start seeing more of them in the college ranks. I also ask whether his platform makes it easier or more difficult to express his views on social matters such as race.

Michael Felder can be found on Twitter @InTheBleachers. He can also be found on Bleacher Report covering all things College Football. Be sure to subscribe to the Because of Sports Podcast on iTunes and leave a rating or a review. The Because of Sports Podcast can also be found on Stitcher. Follow the show and its host on Instagram (@adamcubbage/@bospodcast) or Twitter (@dacubbage or @bospodcast).

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