Ep. 21: Tony Di Zinno, Photographer, Propagandist Filmmaker/Humanitarian


One part of sports that is often seen but rarely talked about is the photograph. We’ve seen countless images of sports figures and iconic moments that elicit some of our greatest memories. 

A while back when I was developing this podcast I had the opportunity to get some advice from Libero “Tony” Di Zinno. Tony is a photographer who lives in Los Angeles but travels the world. He’s done work for Nike, Adidas, Reebok, ESPN Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, and countless other publications and companies. He holds a special place for me because the conversation we had discussing my ideas and what path to take helped lead to what your ears are (hopefully) enjoying with the Because of Sports Podcast. He’s a great person, and his ability to encourage and teach makes it no wonder that he now teaches at his Alma Mater the Art Center in Pasadena, California.

We discuss that conversation and his time working for Nike, Adidas, and ESPN Magazine. We also talk about his path and how to gain the confidence to pursue your passions. We discuss propaganda and it’s role in photography and media, developing a style through being an apprentice, his advice on taking that first step and so much more.

Follow Tony and his many travels on Instagram @dizinno. Be sure to subscribe to the Because of Sports Podcast on iTunes and leave a rating or a review. The Because of Sports Podcast can also be found on Stitcher. Follow the show and its host on Instagram (@adamcubbage/@bospodcast) or Twitter (@dacubbage or @bospodcast).

Music: “Waking Up The Fire” by Drop Electric

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