Ep. 22: Scott Carter, Executive Vice President, Sports 1 Marketing


Sports and innovation have always gone together. There are a number of different ways the two have merged in a way that is mutually beneficial for businesses in every industry. 

Scott Carter has been with Sports 1 Marketing (S1M) since its inception six years ago. He’s now the executive vice president of the company, and today we’re going to discuss some of the exciting new ways this business is changing the marketing landscape and the in-game consumer experience. We also discuss the companies role in player safety in the NFL, what he’s learned from mentors Warren Moon, David Meltzer, and Leigh Steinberg, his and others perspective of the protests happening around the league, and much more.

You can follow S1M on Instagram (@sports1mktg) and Twitter (@sports1mktg). Be sure to subscribe to the Because of Sports Podcast on iTunes and leave a rating or a review. The Because of Sports Podcast can also be found on Stitcher. Follow the show and its host on Instagram (@adamcubbage/@bospodcast) or Twitter (@dacubbage or @bospodcast).

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