S2, Ep. 10: Alexandra Noboa, St. Louis Cardinals, International Communications Specialist


I first met Alexandra Noboa in 2014 at Major League Baseball’s Diversity Summit in New York City. Besides being one of the nicest humans you could ever meet, you could tell she had a passion for the game of baseball, journalism, and reaching MLB’s  Latino audience on a larger scale. 

Fast-forward three years and I couldn’t be happier seeing her thrive in her role with the St. Louis Cardinals as International Communications Specialist. In today’s episode, we catch up and discuss what her job entails, Major League Baseball’s efforts in growing it’s Latino fanbase within each clubs community, the rigorous schedule, and much more. (Run Time: 28 minutes).

You can find Alexandra on Twitter @Alexandra_Noboa. You can subscribe to the Because of Sports Podcast on  iTunes and Stitcher. Be sure to leave a rating or review and follow me on Instagram (@adamcubbage) or Twitter (@dacubbage).

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