S2, Ep. 9: Mina Kimes, Senior Writer, ESPN/ESPN The Magazine


3The first story I ever read by Mina Kimes was The Art of Letting Go. After that, I discovered she had written a number of pieces for ESPN that were excellent and that I enjoyed. Not only does she introduce you to elements of a different culture, but she captures the difficult parts of our own that, at times, we don’t really want to talk about (if you haven’t read her story about Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver Tyreek Hill do yourself a favor and check it out here).

Mina was gracious enough to join me on the podcast this week to talk about two of her pieces: The Art of Letting Go and The Bennett Brothers vs. Everybody; two of my favorite sports articles of the last year. We also discuss the culture of sports, what it stems from, how it can be changed, and much more. (Run Time: 32 minutes)

Follow Mina Kimes on Twitter @minakimes. Mina’s writing can be found on ESPN.com and in ESPN The Magazine. Subscribe to the Because of Sports Podcast on  iTunes and Stitcher. and be sure to leave a rating or review. Follow me on Instagram (@adamcubbage) or Twitter (@dacubbage).



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