Fantasy Football 2015: Week 5 Waiver Wire Targets, Notes On Martavis Bryant, Daily Fantasy Leagues, And Todd Gurley

(Photo: Jason Bridge/USA TODAY Sports)
(Photo: Jason Bridge/USA TODAY Sports)

On Bye: Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings

Week 5 is upon us, which makes this the money week in a lot of Fantasy Leagues.

I was talking to a buddy of mine during Monday Night Football last night and he brought up that if Jimmy Graham didn’t score eight points he was going to be 1-3 on the season. I didn’t have it in me to tell him that since week 1 the Lions haven’t given up more than 30 yards to a tight end and the position hasn’t scored on that defense since week 3 (Owen Daniels, Denver).

Graham’s final line: four catches, 29 yards. My friend is 1-3.

So what now? Well, I’ve already said before that starting 1-3 isn’t the end of your season. In fact it’s just the beginning. You just need to know your matchups, read this site (shameless plug), and get back on track and talking crap to your buddies in no time. Don’t believe me? I couldn’t help but chuckle when Ronnie Hillman, Karlos Williams, and Chris Thompson all put up really nice weeks last week. Stick with me and you will have more depth than you or anyone else knows what to do with.

Todd Gurley’s Breakout

I make no secret about my loyalty to Georgia Football (although after last weekend’s embarrassing showing I should probably lay low for a bit). I also made it no secret to confidently rank Todd Gurley ahead of Melvin Gordon and I was promptly rewarded in just his second game.

I’m not sending the kid to Canton, but for him to do what he did against the Cardinals run defense on the road was as impressive as it gets. He’s already cracked the 100 yard mark (Gordon hasn’t) and could have scored but decided the win was more important. If you invested and stayed the course, you’re going to reap some very nice rewards.

Draft Kings/Fan Duel Thoughts

I’ve made no secret of my dislike of daily fantasy leagues. More power to those who play them but I’ve never had the interest.

So when ESPN’s Outside The Lines reported that the daily fantasy giant, and had stepped in it because of insider trading concerns I can’t say I was surprised. In fact a friend of mine might have had the best response to the report of anyone I know: Capture

I learned from someone I respect that if something ever sounds too good to be true, it is. Between the horribly done radio spots and the sleazy nature of the television commercials I never got the sense it was something I wanted to do. Now I have even more reason to avoid it.

Waiver Target time!

Atlanta Falcons, D/ST

They’re playing Washington, who is coming off a big win against the division rival Eagles. My gut tells me that this new-look Falcons defense is legit. You can feel the difference as you watch them. A stark contrast from the leaky defenses of the Mike Smith era. Play them with confidence against a clinically error prone Kirk Cousins.

Leonard Hankerson, WR, Atlanta Falcons

Fair thee well, Roddy. You served us well.

My sentiments as I watch 26-year old Leonard Hankerson replace White as the second option in this offense. Should be a fine replacement for those who have Brandon Marshall or have been running Tedd Ginn. Jr. out weekly.

Chris Thompson, RB, Washington Redskins

Another Chris Thompson sighting on the site! If you’re in a PPR league Thompson scored you 10 points last week sans a touchdown. If there is an area where he can make hay against the Falcons on Sunday it’s in the passing game. If you’re struggling to find a Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell, or Jonathan Stewart replacement he could be a sneaky good option.

Martavis Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

He’s back.

I mentioned last week that Vick brings value to two parts of an offense: Tight Ends and the guy who takes the top off of a defense. The Chargers are up next so if he’s available, now is the time to invest.

Owen Daniels, TE, Denver Broncos

Hey guys, Denver plays Oakland who just gave up another big game to a Tight End (Martellus Bennett; 83 yards and a touchdown). I’m sure Daniels is available so this is a slam dunk no-brainer pickup. Okay? Thanks.

New York Jets, D/ST

Yep, they’re on bye. But some poor sucker is going to drop them thinking “oh, I’ll just pick up another defense after the bye week.” I encourage you to ruin those plans if you have the ability. The Jets come out of the bye to face Washington, and after a date with New England will see Oakland, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Houston, and Miami. I have a theory that every good defense has that top-10 run during the season. My guess is this is that time.

Your thoughts on that former Jets linebacker, Bart Scott?

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