Fantasy Football 2015: Thursday Night Audibles For Ravens Vs. Steelers

Le'Veon Bell returned in a big way last Sunday. Look for a heavy dose of the run game tonight when they take on the Ravens (Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images Europe)
Le’Veon Bell returned in a big way last Sunday. Look for a heavy dose of the run game tonight when they take on the Ravens (Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images Europe)

Thursday Night Football has another very good matchup for us. For that we are all thankful. 

Last weeks’ game, if you’ll recall me saying, was supposed to be an opportunity for the Giants and Redskins to change perceptions. The Giants did, while Washington showed why they’re fast becoming the one of the most dysfunctional franchises in professional sports.

This week the Ravens face the Steelers on the road in about as “must-win” a situation as you can get. As those who read and follow me on social media have all happily pointed out, I had the Ravens as a Super Bowl pick before the season began. Say what you want but I had good reason to do so, and despite their 0-3 start if they win tonight against the Steelers five of their next seven games come against the Browns (twice), Rams, Jaguars, and 49ers. They winning tonight is a must.

Let’s talk fantasy football, shall we?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Le’Veon Bell, RB

I own Bell in a Dynasty League I am very serious about so I was among the many fantasy owners in rejoicing in his return last weekend.

Interesting Stat Alert: After seeing a majority of the Steelers offensive snaps the first two weeks of 2015 Deangelo Williams rushed just once last Sunday.

Considering they’ll probably look to get Williams involved more, consider him an overall non-factor to Bell’s production.

Michael Vick, QB

I don’t want to burst any bubbles, but I’m inclined to think you’ve all put yourselves in a good enough position at Quarterback that you don’t have to roll with Mike Vick tonight. For those of you who haven’t please reconsider this decision. I warned you all last week about questionable play at Quarterback. Just sayin’.

Heath Miller, TE

Vick’s starting tonight usually benefits two positions for fantasy owners: Tight End and whoever a team designates to take the top off of a defense. With Martavis Bryant still on suspension, I think Miller sees quite a bit of work tonight as Vick’s “safety net.”

Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco, QB

For all the talk of the Ravens people conspicuously overlook that Flacco’s last two games have seen him throw for 746 yards, four touchdowns, and amass a combined rating of 97%. Pittsburgh’s pass defense is middle of the road in the NFL and I expect he’ll have his chances tonight for another 20+ point standard fantasy showing.

Justin Forsett, RB

Every time I doubted Forsett in 2014 he put up another monster game. Every. Time. Even after last season I said, I don’t trust him, the track record will even out.

I think it’s time to sell high (low?) or cut bait. It was fun, but with a plethora of young options (Thomas Rawls, Karlos Williams, etc.) I think you’re better suited benching him. Of course, he could prove me wrong again.

Steve Smith, Sr., WR

He crushed one of my fantasy teams last week. Crushed. Not kind of beat or played well against them, like, he literally almost outscored my Quarterback in that league.

I have Aaron Rodgers.

He’s playing like a man possessed and that should be all the analysis you need to start him. Don’t think about this, plug him and play him. If you want football analysis the Steelers have given up 820 receiving yards in 2015. This is matchup heaven for you.

And here’s a .gif letting you know what Steve Smith, Sr. thinks if you disagree

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