Fantasy Football 2015: Thursday Night Football Audible For Packers Vs. Lions

I’m avoiding Ameer Abdullah tonight. Just like I have all season. (Photo: Bleacher Report)

So you’re nervous about Aaron Rodgers.

I figured I would just jump right to it; Rodgers hasn’t been great since the Packers came off their Bye week. But he hasn’t been terrible, and he isn’t the one you should worry about. 

It’s documented by now that the Packers have the slowest and most inefficient wide receivers in James Jones and Devante Adams. That both are considered fantasy options is a testament to how great Rodgers actually is.

Understand I sympathize with your nervousness (I own Rodgers in three leagues); but also understand that I have been paying attention not just to what he’s done on the field but what he’s been saying off it: guys need to prepare better. That leads me to believe they aren’t doing the off the field work to succeed on it. I would hope a loss to the Bears last week would be a wake up call.

Having said all that, you’re starting Rodgers. Because you can’t afford not too; and if he’s feeling it, it doesn’t matter who is out there running routes.

Green Bay Packers

Eddie Lacy, RB

Eddie Lacy is back to running with  head-first, concussions-be-damned ferocity. He’s a go.

Aaron Rodgers, QB

Who else you gonna trust? Bench him and risk missing serious points or start him with the risk the Packers offense hasn’t figured it out? The last time he came off a poor performance he dropped four touchdowns and 369 yards on Carolina. Don’t get cute.

Randall Cobb, WR

Detroit has a hard time keeping up with the slot receiver. If Rodgers has time I expect a nice game from Cobb.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford, QB

Getting back to doing what he does best the last few weeks has paid off for Stafford. Green Bay isn’t Philadelphia or Oakland against the pass so temper your expectations for him.

Calvin Johnson, WR

Calvin Johnson is dealing with an injury, but should be the primary beneficiary of Stafford passes tonight. I expect lots of attention to be paid to him but a good game nonetheless. If you’re banking on three touchdowns then don’t.

Joique Bell/Theo Riddick, RB

Both have value, but I give the edge to Bell. I’ve never been sold on Abdullah so I’ll stick my neck out and say I don’t expect him to be much of a factor.

I’ve got a hunch Rodgers is pretty fed up so here’s a .gif of what I think we will see a lot of tonight:



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