AFC Championship Game: Pittsburgh Steelers A Tough Test For New England Patriots


Le’Veon Bell had 149 yards from scrimmage the last time the Steelers and Patriots played. With Ben Roethlisberger playing this time, expect that production to increase on Sunday.

73-101. (more…)

NFL Playoffs 2016: It’s Time For Matt Ryan, Alex Smith To Change Their Playoff Narrative


Alex Smith has guided the Chiefs to three playoff appearances in four seasons.

I’m currently reading the book “Rebel Yell”, written by S. C. Gwynne, about the life of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. Early in the book it describes a time in Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia) in which Jackson established himself as a worthy war general and tactician to be reckoned with. He was unassuming, disciplined, and boring by personality, but was as gifted as any in field tactics. (more…)

Ep. 19: Lana Berry, Social Media Consultant/Author


Lana Berry has done something pretty cool. She’s a social media consultant with a personal following of over 100,000 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Her love of sports and social media (particularly baseball) has allowed her to meet, interact, and gain credibility with industry professionals. What she’s also done is built enough credibility within the industry to write an E-Book titled “Getting The Call: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports”, which compiles answers from over 100 of those industry professionals on how they landed their jobs. (more…)

NFL 2016: Roger Goodell Makes A Lot Of Money, But Remember Who He Works For


Roger Goodell’s salary has been the subject of hot debate the last few days. But remember who he works for and what he’s actually supposed to do and it makes (only a little) more sense. (AP Photo/David Goldman, File) 

News flash: NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, makes a lot of money. 

All jokes aside, there is something I can’t seem to wrap my mind around: How is it that since 2006 Goodell, who has made $180.5 million dollars since succeeding Paul Tagliabue in August of 2006, has managed to make such a staggering amount despite, really, only succeeding at one thing: fleecing the players in collective bargaining agreement. (more…)